What you wish to know about stress management


The benefits of a relaxing massage act both physically and therapeutic as well as emotionally. Massages considered more “physical”, mainly or entirely use the hands and their strength. Also, they are fantastic pain treatments. But in addition, they also¬† cause extremely pleasant sensations that provide other advantages. There are multiple variants of massages. chiropractic, geothermal massage therapy, or massage with essential oils, are some of them.

In addition, the liposuction are usually accompanied by external resources that increase the feeling of relaxation, pleasure and calm. A relaxing massage is usually carried out in a specific setting with simple decoration, where relaxing music, a dim light, candles and aromas are appreciated, and that ultimately, conveys peace and tranquility. The relaxation massage has many beneficial effects on our body and our mind. It is a relationship widely studied by science, and it is known that the benefits of relaxing massage are directly connected with the production and regulation of neurohormones.

Neurohormones are chemical substances that are produced in the nervous system and directly affect the behavior of each person, influencing their personal well-being . Well, relaxation massage is able to regulate brain chemistry , and its effects are direct on the levels of certain substances that medicine has long been related to stress. The effects of stress begin to affect us emotionally, and end up being a kind of tsunami that runs through our body at all levels. Irritability and nervous exhaustion may be some visible symptoms, but when stress is repeated and begins to be part of our life, it results in processes that, if reproduced too often, end up causing diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, Anxiety and depression.

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