Red Flags you Need to be Aware of in a Drug Rehab Center

Looking to go to drug addiction treatment for a substance use disorder is of course a smart choice. Yet, most individuals don’t realize that not all drug treatment centers in Utah are typically the same. While many addiction and mental illness treatment facilities have pure intentions on their patients, others are likely to have ulterior motives.

Actually, there are certain red flags to watch out for when searching for alcohol and drug treatment. Therefore, keep reading to find out a few red flags you ought to be aware of in a drug rehab facility.

Sketchy Pricing

If the financial department isn’t up-front and honest with you about pricing for your rehab stay, then it can be worthwhile to look elsewhere for a drug or alcohol addiction treatment facility. When it comes to financing your addiction treatment center stay, you certainly have to watch out for any undocumented financial promises or unclear information about your payments.

It’s important to diligently do your research and also trust your gut as not all treatment is the same. Additionally, treatment for a substance use disorder can sometimes cost a fair amount of money but you shouldn’t let that deter you. Most treatment centers also accept insurance and offer payment plans for clients and their families too.

No Quality Assurance Certifications

Many treatment programs advertise themselves as being qualified to treat mental health conditions besides substance use disorder. For instance, some drug treatment centers in Utah say they’re specialized in treating addicts with a dual diagnosis yet they don’t pose the credentials to do so. Unfortunately, some of these treatment facilities aren’t actually qualified to treat separate mental illnesses besides addiction.

So, the best way to ensure that your choice of drug rehab is qualified to either treat you or your loved one is through researching their accreditation. A treatment facility accreditation is very vital as it ensures a rehab follows the safest precautions and operates at the most ethical level. Also look out if the treatment center is licensed with your state’s Department of Health Care Services.