Hyper tension has emerged as the most common lifestyle disease in the current period. Along with adults, children are seen to be suffering from this disease. Which is a matter of concern. it’s a fact. 90 percent of the patients do not even know the reason for hypertension. It is important to be careful about this disease in this case. Many people do not have the information about them that they have. So it is very important for you to have complete information about hyper tension. So it is very important for you to have complete information about hyper tension.

Hyper Tension in Figures:-

According to the World Health Report figures, hyper-tension cases in India are comparable to that of the world. In the country, 23.10 percent of men and 22.60 women above the age of 25 suffer from hypertension. India is in a better position in this matter than the world figures. 29.20 for the global male population is fish. If you look at the numbers, then a large population in the country is suffering from hypertension. The biggest concern is that the people do not even have information about this. That’s why they are not conscious of this and are repeating many big mistakes associated with lifestyle.

Risk of uncontrolled high blood pressure:-

  • Heart attack or stroke high blood pressure becomes hard and thick. It goes after the risk of heart attack stroke or other complications.
  • Due to the increased blood pressure of aneurism, your blood vessels become weak and ebb. This creates aneurysm. If the annurism breaks. So life can be in danger.
  • Heart failure, your heart muscle becomes thick for blood pressure against high pressure in your vessel. Thick mussels are difficult to pump your blood according to your body’s needs. This can lead to heart failure.
  • Vision loss, there may be problems in seeing pearls, blood vessels having a blood vessel.
  • Organ organisms can weaken and weaken blood vessels in your kidneys. This lets the body part stop working properly.
  • Memory problem interruptions High blood pressure badly affects your ability to think and memorize and learn. People with high blood pressure have a problem of memory.

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