Biceps: How to Get the Most Out of Your Guns

Do you want to put on a great ‘Gun’ show for your friends and loved ones? If so, you need great biceps.  You don’t have to go through a lot to give your biceps a nice peak, a full look top your arms and power so that you can show off at the gym lifting heavier dumbbells than the next person to you.

The secret lies in following the correct bicep workout and you’re good to go. But how is this even possible in the first place? Below are some things to make certain off to ensure you’re getting the most from each of the bicep workouts you do without the hassle.

Focus on the Contraction

For you to get the most from your bicep workout, it is in your best interest to zero in on that contraction.  Many people forget to really think about squeezing the muscles as they contract and hoist the weights up.   What they fail to realize is this only minimizes their chances of getting the full benefits of the movement.

To avoid getting yourself in this situation, be sure to put your mind to work and focus on the pump you’re feeling throughout the movement. Through this action, you won’t worry about recruiting any other muscles to help perform the workout.

Leverage Different Systems

If you’re fond of going to the gym and performing bicep curl after bicep curl, then you might already know how tiring it will get. No wonder you should try to change things a bit and make use of all the different options at your disposal. Consider doing double arm cable curls or simply attach a straight bar to a low cable and do curls from that angle.

The Bottom Line

You can never run out of options when you want to get more from your bicep workouts. If you feel as if your biceps are lagging right now, it pays off to be a bit more direct with your workout and focusing may just do the trick to get them to start growing again. But for you to see good size growth, ensure your diet is in caloric surplus.

What this simply means is that you need to start eating more calories than you burn every day. And you must, over time, start lifting heavier and heavier as a foundation for your success.